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Private course at Mumbai-India for 1 month after which you make
OVER Rs.50,000 to 1,00,000/-
$1000 to $2000 per month

Indian and International Students or anyone,
employed or jobless,
can now earn

$2000 per month

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  • Both the pre-sales and post-sales support were real good.
    I give it a9 on 10 ! Even after the course has ended all my questions are being answered pretty quick.
  • I got a whole new perspective; of the internet being a huge potential base to explore. The trainer has an abundance of knowledge and experience on the internet for a student's benefit. I don't think I have learnt it all but I have got the source now (Rickson) & so in future I'll be asking him to teach me much more after getting my initial breakthrough.
Ashhok C (Mumbai)
  • After the last session I was sure that coming to Bombay was not at all a bad decision.
  • Deciding to do a course which does not give us any degree; and about which we knew nothing, that too from somebody who was a total stranger and finally then coming to Bombay shows that the pre-course support was excellent.
Sanjeev Bhalla (Ludhiana)

  • Itís a dream come true to see a physical cheque in hand. This thanx to you and everything taught by you.
  • I have recived the first cheque today. It's a dream come true. Don't have words to write and tell you guys what it feels like. I have been working really hard against all odds for the past four months and this cheque is a real energy booster. Thank u rickson for the new business.
  • I strongly believe that you sure have shorten the route to success by miles. Some times I think about it if I had not taken your course and tried to do the same thing I would have spent at least an year of time and a lot more money to actually get the amount of knowledge that I got from the course.
  • Would have given up this work if you were not supporting enough since the time I have taken the course with you.
Raghav Khanna (Ludhiana)

  • This is a fable come true.
  • When Rickson is around it's a very pleasant feeling, & I felt at ease because he was a person you could interact with comfortably as he seemed to have a patient ear for listening and was open to views and news.
  • Rickson is an able webmaster. A pleasant fellow whom you could ask any question and who had patience to answer. Also he had a well defined interest in the welfare of each student which was a welcome aspect especially his follow-up on progress was very encouraging.
  • The methodology of teaching was well structured with descending flow of knowledge.
  • Rickson is equipped with sound knowledge of the subject and is essentially not a fly-by-night operator which is obviously the key to confidence for anyone who wishes to take the risk of thrusting into a new field of work. His attitude is also very open and adjusting with a knack for teaching without the irritations. This for me was the fulcrum from which the course revolves.
  • The course is also well structured from the start to lead to the final subject of internet marketing with a hands on feel on every aspect of the course. This course could help prospective candidates in learning a new field altogether with inumerable avenues and products to choose from.


  • I was impressed with Rickson, his knowledge and his teaching abilities especially his methods of teaching and the confidence that he gave during the course . It was a good experience.
  • Further to the course completion recollection of everything was initially a problem but gradually as I engrossed myself in the work everything filtered down as Rickson explained.
Kevin Baretto(Goa)


What's the course fees?
Depending on when you join the following are the course fees:
Between April 1st to May 31st (2004)- Rs.60,000
Between June 1st to July 31st (2004)- Rs.75,000
Between August 1st (2004) to May 31st (2005)- Rs.1,00,000
Contact me to reserve your seat now !!!

If you are a student who has already paid over Rs.40,000 to do a course at any institue you can bring your receipt and we will give you a 10% discount on our course fees.
Contact me to reserve your seat now !!!

Contact me to reserve your seat now !!!

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